Getting outside is a huge benefit to lots of people who regularly attend one of our Hospital sites.
Throughout the pandemic many members of staff explain how a moment to get some fresh air or sit in the sunshine really helped them to have the boost that was so needed. We want to give the gardens at the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust a good revamp and will be working on a pipeline of works to spruce up, re-plant, dig and paint our way to better outside spaces that will benefit our staff, our visitors and of course, our patients.

This year, we're keen to see work completed on a flagship garden at Pilgrim Hospital Boston, Lincoln County Hospital and Grantham and District Hospital. Designs went out to a staff vote and our first three gardens will follow an "organic" design. Similar to the design that has been created for Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.

ks to take place quicker, and for us to include as many of the courtyards, ward gardens and outside spaces as we can. We want these to be more than area's that are overlooked, we want to care for our gardens and make them gorgeous representations of your local NHS Hospitals Trust.

One of the gardens that have already had a refurbishment with thanks to funding from NHS Charities Together was the Staff Garden at Lincoln County Hospital, with new gravel, new furniture, a fresh coat of paint and new plants this area was transformed into a tranquil space at the heart of the hospital. 

The first of our flagship gardens was officially opened in May, situated at Lincoln County Hospital. This space is located in the courtyard near Dixon Ward towards the end of the ground floor corridor.  Co-funded by the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Charity and NHS Charities Together we are extremely proud to see that this space has been used by patients in the warmer weather, staff for lunches and visitors who may be waiting for a loved one. 

We cannot wait to see our two other flagship gardens finished to the same standard and quality of this one.