Sooo, I’m taking the PLUNGE, have decided to be courageous & sign myself up to jump 150,000 ft out of the air… CRAZY some might say (especially my mother @Myrna Earle)! I’m doing a tandem skydive in July, raising money in aid of UNITED LINCOLNSHIRE HOSPITALS NHS TRUST CHARITABLE FUND, & every donation will help this charity which has deep & profound significance in my life, my mother’s, my father’s, my loved ones’, my neighbours’ lives & the whole of society who may have the unfortunate experience of needing medical intervention &/or being admitted to our hospitals.

My mum, Maria Myrna Diesto Earle, is the exact reason I’m so determined to soar high in the sky (just as she forever will be) - One hell of a courageous, vivacious & fearless woman. I can only aspire to be the woman who she was. We tragically lost her to cancer in March 2020 at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston (during the dreadful Covid-19 outbreak). Experiencing the hospitals’ care was rare for my mum, who was otherwise a healthy 51-year-old until her diagnosis. She received radiotherapy at Lincoln County Hospital & was cared for at Pilgrim Hospital until she passed.

I have worked pan-trust within ULHT sporadically since 2018 – Within these years, I have seen MANY UPS & MANY DOWNS involving patient care, staff morale, & shortages. The NHS remains under significant pressure, despite triumphing through one of the worst epidemics to affect us in recent times, globally. I am proud to work within the NHS with the team that I do, who strive to deliver outstanding patient-centred care, compassion, excellence, safety & respect (all of this in the face of adversity and trauma). Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible to achieve due to the sheer lack of financial resources (this has a massive impact on the wellbeing of staff, volunteers, & most importantly, our patients).

The staff & patients are what make our hospitals what they are, therefore, this is for them all. I strive to raise funds for our hospital sites in Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, & Louth who support over 750,000 people annually. The UNITED LINCOLNSHIRE HOSPITALS NHS TRUST CHARITABLE FUND supports our staff to deliver outstanding care to our patients, their families & carers. Every life in Lincolnshire has been affected by the care provided by ULHT, whether personally or anecdotally.

If you can spare any money at all, then I know the hospitals & I would be eternally grateful. Please help our patients, staff, volunteers, carers & friends. I hope to make even a small difference by raising money for ULHT Charitable Fund.

Many thanks in advance (& apologies for the verbal diarrhoea)!

Love, Rona xo Rona Earle